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Online since 1999

Captain Consumer's credentials

Captain Consumer's founder and managing director is one of the UK's most experienced affiliates, having worked in affiliate marketing since 1999. A Fellow (FCIM) of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketer, he holds a Masters degree in Marketing and also has professional experience in strategic marketing and consultancy.

Captain Consumer has worked on a diverse range of B2C and B2B projects, driving incremental sales for clients of all sizes. The company is proud to have built a reputation as a trusted UK super-affiliate, delivering added value for online merchants and end-users on a performance-related basis across a variety of industry sectors.

A Nominet member

Welcome to Captain Consumer®

Performance-based online marketing - and more

Captain Consumer is an affiliate - an online marketing business that delivers leads and sales on a performance-related basis. The company works via affiliate networks and marketing agencies and also directly with merchants.

Affiliate marketing is attractive for many retailers and service providers, who need only pay for what they actually get out of the marketing channel. Affiliates carry out promotional activity at their own risk, getting paid only if they deliver the results desired by merchants. To succeed, affiliates must be able to understand, reach and meet the needs of target markets (whether comprised of consumers or businesses) - and do so cost-effectively.

One of the UK's longest established affiliates, Captain Consumer adopts a flexible approach, drawing on a wealth of experience in paid and natural search. New client enquiries are welcomed via the contact page.

Other services (offered on a selective basis) include website design and - for projects of exceptional interest or merit - partnership marketing consultancy.